Green Academy

Tomorrow Thinking: TODAY

“Businesses need to plan for ways they can become more sustainable and build accountability into their value chain”

 2021 Deloitte Report

This Autumn we launch the Going Green Academy:
The UK’s green training platform, helping you to future proof your business

Change is coming! As a nation we have committed to get to the target of carbon net zero by 2050. This will require great changes from our government, businesses and individuals.

The Going Green Academy is here to help you through the process of making your business more sustainable, environmentally conscious and carbon neutral.

Engaging with sustainability as a business brings a host of benefits:

  • Enhanced reputation and customer loyalty
  • Motivated workforce with a strong, ethical culture
  • Meeting stakeholder, government and society’s expectations
  • Long term stability and financial gain
  • Operational efficiency
  • Innovative business practices

Access to the Going Green Academy’s training library will allow your sustainability journey to evolve with our frequently updated and growing content and courses. You will also receive the Going Green certificate and digital badge upon completion of each course, which will allow you to show your growing green credentials to your customer base.

You will also have access to our sustainability experts in the form of regular webinars and even assistance creating your company’s Environmental Policy and Strategy.

To register your interest in joining the Going Green Academy, launching this Autumn, please subscribe here.

“Climate change is a huge challenger but it can be brought into line if governments, businesses and individuals work together.”

 Sir Richard Branson