What Is Climate Change?

World temperatures are rising and weather systems are becoming more unpredictable and volatile because of human activities.

The use of oil, gas and coal to provide energy for homes, cars and businesses has caused the rapid climate change we are all now starting to experience.

When fossil fuels are burnt, they release gases which trap the sun’s heat and cause the global temperature to rise.

We need to take urgent action to slow the rise in temperature.
If nothing is done, devastating heatwaves and rising sea levels will cause devastating losses of plants, animals and human life on a catastrophic scale.

It’s not impossible – but we must act quickly. We already have all the solutions and together we can make a difference if we all do our bit.

Here, within ukgoinggreen.com you will find guides, tips and tricks to help you to make the changes needed to create a sustainable Earth for future generations.

Together, we can do this.