What Is A Carbon Footprint?

Everyone has a carbon footprint.

As a result of our daily activities, lifestyle and consumption, greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulphur, and nitrogen) are released into the atmosphere. The amount of these gases we each produce is our carbon footprint, and this is measured in CO2e.

It’s impossible to live on the planet and not have an impact; the biggest contributors to your footprint are transport, food, and our homes, so every journey, meal and lightbulb all add to your overall figure.

The average person in the UK has a carbon footprint of approximately 10 tonnes of CO2e each year, which is almost double the world average.

To decrease our carbon footprint, we don’t have to make huge lifestyle sacrifices and live like saints. Just a few sustainable swaps and changes will make all the difference.

If we all make a few adjustments, we really can get the UK Going Green!