The objective of Going Green is clear, to simplify the often-complicated world of sustainability.

We all know that we need to use less, recycle more and be kinder to our planet but how else can play a part, when messages of sustainability sometimes get lost in scientific language, which means very little to most of us.


How small changes to your Home and Business can make a big difference to the Planet.

Green Home

Green home will help you to make every aspect of your life, home and garden greener. Whether you’re taking your first steps toward sustainability or you’re looking for ways to make your life even greener, we are here to guide you through the processes.

Green Business

Green Business shows you ways to green your company and workplace with how-to guides, written by our Head of Sustainability, Dr. Paul Beers, who translates science into a language that business understands.

Green Public Sector

Green Public Sector is designed with government organisations in mind; helping schools and hospitals to navigate their sustainability journey.

We help to translate public policy into action.

Going Green

Over the course over the coming months, we are expanding to include in-depth training courses through the Going Green Academy, assistance to help you obtain government grants to make your home and business greener and an extensive catalogue of companies offering green and sustainable products and services with the Going Green Directory.

Time is against us and we need to act now to ensure we limit the effects of climate change.

What we do in the next 8 years, will become our legacy.

At Going Green we are determined to help you to make the changes needed to be able to create the clean, green planet that we, and future generations deserve.

Tomorrow thinking: TODAY